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Getting the toy that’s $35 marked down to $18 because it feels like you’re giving a more expensive present, even if you’re not sure the kid is going to like it. Guessing at their interests. Digging in your closet’s secret gift stash and then half heartedly wrapping up something that hopefully looks like it didn’t [...]

Jakes Home Appreciation More

Through shared sweat, we pushed our legs and hearts to somewhere else, an elsewhere that is nowhere in space but somewhere in time, pounded out by foot and by arm in walking and running and doing aerobics and African dance and yoga and elliptical machines. Most of the theoretical ideas shoring up my own writing [...]

This year

Betraying its 1950s fashion sense, the G 15 is a robin egg blue. Like many of today personal computers, it a three piece setup. One refrigerator size unit holds the tape drive, which stores information. I’ve already mentioned that even the very best poker gamers on the planet can go on lengthy shedding stretches, generally [...]

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