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This marketing must work regardless of government ideology, because Alberta NDP Premier Rachel Notley now has an “Alberta jobs plan” that also involves her standing in front of smiling people wearing hardhats. As well as Alberta, what’s lacking are actual jobs. In the past five years, and glosses over the fact that all of that [...]

With ND suffering back to back

With ND suffering back to back losses, we’ve seen the average price of a ticket to the Louisville game more than cut in half over the past two weeks, and tickets now start at just $26 rather than the $100+ the cheap seats would have cost just a couple weeks ago. We’ve seen big drop [...]

she painted one wall black

Inside, she painted one wall black and mounted mirrors with frames found at thrift stores, covered one wall with red velvet flocked damask wallpaper (think “brothel”), and created a collage of pin ups on another. The studio gradually erupted into an astonishing explosion of “Annmade” jewelry and crafts (such as her decoupage trays with edgy [...]

There’s a point where your child

There’s a point where your child is too young for a smartphone but you still would like them to be in contact. This is where the Tinitell comes in. It’s a wrist worn mobile phone, strapped to your child, so they can carry it with them. Still, the shed had its history. When it was [...]

bankruptcy may cost bpa but ratepayers would absorb

bankruptcy may cost bpa but ratepayers would absorb “I know that’s crazy, but basically once you get to Europe, flights around Europe are extremely cheap,” she said. “. The company stated that its goal is to release future dubbed Akiba’s Trip: The Animation episodes as early as 30 minutes after the Japanese broadcast, but acknowledged [...]

When these fashionable discounters

When these fashionable discounters came along, it looked like we had arrived in some fashion nirvana. These huge corporate clothing chains have put a lot of money on the concept that cheap is chic and it cool.. Congressional Republicans set themselves on a fast track this month to repeal the tax and spending provisions of [...]

I remember being very proud

“I remember being very proud,” he said in a Friday interview. “I lived in the city, I worked in the city and everyone thought it was a wonderful place to be.” Indeed, it was San Bernardino’s heyday, when the city was a working class hub, rich in diversity, with the Norton Air Force Base, the [...]

As calculated by one foreign

As calculated by one foreign financial institution, cross holdings had represented more than 50% of the entire Japanese equity market in the early 1990s, but have now been reduced to less than 20% in the space of just over ten years. With regard to corporate governance, this means there has been real change in the [...]

Though the returns are lower

Though the returns are lower, they have been decent in this downturn. The category average return has been 7.35 per cent, with the better funds returning over 9.5 per cent. He quoted portions of CropLife’s vision and mission statements which indicate that CropLife: “acts as an ambassador for the plant science industry; and promotes sustainable [...]

Deng Xiaoping and the Transformation

Deng Xiaoping and the Transformation of China “If you’re going to read one book about modern China in the period after Mao, then this is the book you should read. Though the book is framed around the rise of Deng Xiaoping and his reforms that transformed China into an economic powerhouse, Ezra Vogel’s compelling biography [...]

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