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My neighbor is a cop, and he said they don mind be recorded at all. In fact, it would help them sue these citizens for their false accusations. He said his department had them in the car, but they were too cheap to maintain them. Hopefully your friends wouldn dream of letting you buy your [...]

How do you give somebody a

“How do you give somebody a sense of what it’s really like to be somewhere without principally being there?” Mandelbaum said. “Why do people go on TripAdvisor? Because they want to get a better feel for the place. We see [VR] as a very natural evolution that has taken place [in travel marketing], from text [...]

a free children play space

For one, a free children play space should be constructed in the lower dining area or in one of the vacant storefronts on the main level. This will help the mall fit in with the friendly downtown. It may also attract foot traffic from neighboring restaurants. Santa Fe residents put out the red carpet for [...]

Why Do I want to make a foot

So. Why Do I want to make a foot switch that lets me turn a 110v appliance on and off specifically a dremel?I do a lot of project work on motorcycles and motorcycle shop related electronics, namely cordless phones which do not survive well in a shop environment. I use my dremel for a veriety [...]

Sessions available for grades

Wall Street. Sessions available for grades K 6 include Brains in Motion, grades 3 6, June 26 29: tennis basics in the mornings, STEM challenges in the afternoons; Art Around the World, grades K 3, July 10 13, featuring sculpting, painting, drawing, jewelry making and more; LEGO Mars Mission, grades 3 6, July 17 20, [...]

The Top 10The used car market

The Top 10The used car market is a wonderful thing. It allows anyone to have access to a plethora of cars they otherwise couldn’t dream of affording. And while some of the cars on this list may be a little expensive to maintain, all of them can be had for less than $10,000.. “Well we [...]

Also popular these days

The landlord of the Mason’s Arms should give food to the poor and hungry of the area. Look what happened to the Lancaster girl who drank liquid nitrogen cocktails. If the meals to be eaten are anything like the size as the one in the photo it would be an insult to your body to [...]

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