The conservancy

The conservancy holdings aren wilderness like the other Channel Islands: This land was ranched for many years. And its famous bison, brought here by a movie company in 1924, grew to wreak havoc on the island ecology. But outback Catalina still retains a blissful aura of serenity, and the conservancy is working hard to protect creatures found only here, like the Catalina Island fox and quail and the Avalon hairstreak butterfly..

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TRAINER’S ROOMWhite Sox: Three pitchers on the DL threw in a simulated game at Chase Field. Carlos Rodon (bursitis in left shoulder) pitched six innings. Nate Jones (right elbow neuritis) and Jake Petricka (strained right lat) each worked an inning.

Obviously the network appreciates what made Teixeira marketable in his playing days: he’s smart, funny and, given how hard he worked in pinstripes, will undoubtedly be prepared in front of the camera.Teixeira made few if any enemies during his 14 year career, always careful to avoid controversy in his remarks. It’ll be interesting to see whether there’s another side to Teixeira’s personality now that no longer needs to edit himself.While Teixeira doesn’t necessarily have to be critical of other players to succeed as an analyst, he will have to critique them honestly. A brave new world awaits.

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